The AKO Story

AKO Signs has been a trusted name in fleet graphics installation for over two decades. In 1984, Bruce Williams, at a mere twelve years old, started pin-striping cars for a local company owned by a family friend. He soon realized that this passion could turn into a career. In 1989, at the age of seventeen, Bruce created Auto Art, a company whose primary customer was the van conversion industry. During this time, his wife Melissa joined the business along with partners Robert Lyons and Bryan Hale.

Auto Art was responsible for installing stripes and graphics on approximately 20,000 vans! A good team was in place with different talents that allowed the business to start offering a variety of products and services. Eventually the business began creating All Kinds Of Signs, so AKO Signs was born. Over the last 27 years, AKO has acquired many long-term government fleet contracts and has performed fleet graphics services for a number of large national chains.

Today, AKO Signs produces nothing less than spectacular quality at affordable prices with exceptional customer service. This is what has made us one of the most trusted sign companies in the industry. AKO Signs Inc. provides sign solutions from concept to creation.