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With an AKO Signs vehicle wrapping, you can create a cost-effective moving billboard! Our long-lasting, high-resolution vehicle wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure. Our products can meet the demands of your needs- whether you are a small business owner looking to market your product with one or two car wraps or a large corporation looking for wraps for your entire fleet of vehicles. AKO Signs has wrap solutions for all vehicle types- cars, vans, trucks, SUV’s, buses, RV’s and even tractor-trailers.

Increase Your Exposure With Vehicle, Fleet & Bus Graphics

Nothing gets your message out there more clearly or more quickly than company vehicle wraps. We know that you want to stretch your outdoor advertising dollar as far as possible, and vehicle wraps are a great way to do this. With our product, your marketing message can easily be changed to suit your changing market. With vehicle wraps you can target special events, audiences, or products at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. The flexibility and mobility of our product provides for a cost-effective and broad-reaching advertising and marketing message.

Vehicle Wraps- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much exposure will I really get with a vehicle wrap?

A: The average vehicle used for commuting to and from work, will pass over 9 million other vehicles per year. The figures are even higher company vehicles and working trucks.

Q: How much information should I put on my car wrap?

A: Keep in mind that, when it comes to advertising, LESS is MORE. Design is critical. It should: (a) be clear and concise, (b) match the flow of the vehicle, and (c) be an appropriate size for your budget.

Q: How long will my vehicle wrap last?

A: AKO Signs uses high-quality solvent-based ink and 3M vinyl with vinyl over laminate. This gives our graphics excellent resistance to fading, cracking and peeling. AKO offers a 5 year warranty on all of our vehicle wraps.

Q: How do I care for my vehicle after the wrap has been applied?

A: The wrap needs to cure for about 72 hours. After the curing period is over, you may wash your car normally. You will, however, want to avoid using high pressure washers or harsh chemicals on the vinyl.

Car Wraps Expand Your Advertising Without Increasing Your Budget!

Our vehicle wrap can be placed on cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and fleets. The effectiveness of a car wrap or vehicle wrap is an unparalleled marketing impact.

Did you know that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks?* Your marketing impact is even further magnified when you utilize the power of truck wraps on all the vehicles in your fleet. Did you know that metro trucks are seen by 14 million sets of eyes each year!* With a fleet wrap, car wrap, or truck wrap, you’ll have more marketing exposure than with one costly billboard.

Don’t limit your vehicle advertising to just the name of your company! Let AKO Signs create a custom vehicle wrap, fleet wrap, or car wrap that makes you stand out from the crowd! No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression than with a vehicle wrap. One delivery truck with an effective vehicle wrap has the ability to generate millions of marketing impressions per year! Imagine the results with all of your company vehicles having fleet wraps! Get your company noticed with AKO Sign’s car wraps! Contact us today for a free vehicle wrap quote.

* Source: American Trucking Association