Dimensional Letters

3D and Dimensional letters and logos are the perfect way to establish a professional image with a sense of permanence! Lighted letters and logos can be your 24/7 salesperson, they will increase awareness and boost your sales.

Flat Cut Metal Letters

Made from CNC or last cut metals, these letters are durable enough for most outdoor applications, yet elegant enough to use in a professional settings, such as boardrooms or lobby’s. The letters can be made from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, or even stainless steel. The letters are then hand-finished with your choice of an anodized, polished, or powder-coated finish.

Formed Plastic and Acrylic

Plastic and acrylic produced lettering offer unparalleled versatility which makes the¬†lettering one of the most popular products in the sign industry. Acrylic letters come in formed or flat cut letters, and are available in 31 standard colors, with the option for custom color matching. The letters can be made to match nearly every company’s logo and color scheme.

Dimensional letters are a signage staple in businesses like : accountant offices, agriculture and farms, apartments or property management,¬†architectural firms, banks and credit unions, marinas, car dealerships, child care facilities, churches, doctor’s offices, emergency services, entertainment venues, gas stations, government offices, hospitals and medical facilities, hotels and lodging, law enforcement, attorney’s offices, malls, manufacturing companies, media communications, military bases, restaurants, retail businesses, schools and education, subdivisions and neighborhoods, utilities, veterinarians, and manufacturing or distribution plants.¬†