Building Signs

Whether simple or complex, your building sign needs to relate your message and link you to your community. AKO Signs can help you determine the size, location and design that will do this most effectively.

Build Prominence In Your Community With Eye-Popping Building Signs

Have you ever been shopping and needed the assistance of a store employee? You look around until your eye catches someone who looks the part. When they turn to face you, you notice their name tag – the identifier that this is a person who should be able to help you.

Similarly, building signs are like a name tag for your business! Your building signage is your visual link to the public – identifying who you are, where you are, and providing the message you wish to convey in a concise, memorable fashion.

We can help you to promote your company’s name and image in a way that will make your customers think of your company first when they have a need for your products or services. The rest is up to you!