ADA Signs

Just because it's mandatory, doesn't mean it has to be ugly! Don't settle for a boring ADA compliant sign, let's us customize one to your exact concept.

Be Compliant While Looking Good!

Keep people informed and safe with regulatory signs from AKO Signs. For facilities with the need for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant signs and graphics, AKO has the solution. ADA signage has many uses for both indoor and outdoor needs.

Outdoor Accessibility Sign Uses:

  • Identify Parking Spaces
  • Note Wider Walkways
  • Point Out Passenger Loading Zones
  • Mark Entrances and Exits
  • Identify Rescue Assistance Areas
  • Provide Directions to the Nearest Accessible Facility

Indoor Accessibility Sign Uses:

  • Point to Elevators and Hoist Ways
  • Identify Restrooms
  • Designate Volume-Control Telephones
  • Mark Permanently Designated Rooms and Spaces
  • Identify Functional Areas

ADA compliant signs are a must for schools, businesses, construction zones and public areas, to help you identify crosswalks, danger zones, parking spots, entrances and exits, and more.  Many other types of businesses are now beginning to bring their facilities into compliance as well. Some of these are: government offices, hospitals and other medical facilities, hotels, malls, and military bases.