Athens, Augusta & Atlanta, Georgia: Marketing & Advertising with LED Signs, Not Your Neon Signs Anymore

Lighted Channel Letters

AKO Signs lighted channel letters are custom made to fit any application, big or small. These dimensional letters are lit using either neon or LED lights. Neon has been used for decades because of its brightness and its ability to be used in open-faced channel letters to create a vintage look. Because of the high resistance to shock and vibration, LED channel letters displays (Electronic Digital Signs) are an outstanding choice for bad weather areas and they are among the longest lasting types of illuminated signs. Channel letters utilizing LED lighting are also much more energy efficient. All of AKO Signs LED lighted channel letters carry at least a (3) year warranty. LED Signs can take your marketing and advertising to a whole new level.

Lighted channel letters are a great solution for architectural firms, banks and credit unions, car dealerships, child care, entertainment venues, gas stations, hospitals and medical facilities, hotels and lodging, malls, media communications, restaurants, retail businesses, shopping centers, theaters, and manufacturing or distribution plants. LED lighted channel letters (Electronic Digital Signs) are also great for businesses in areas with a high amount of inclement weather, or just for those who want to save money on their energy bill.

Advantages of LED Lighting System over Neon Lights:

  • LED Lighting transformer can power up to 160 feet of LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting is a solid state devise and lasts 100,000 hours (About 11 Years)
  • LED Lighting chip seating design allows for maximum heat dissipation
  • LED Lighting saves 90% in the cost of the power supply
  • LED Lighting units are designed to be utilized outdoors
  • LED Lighting allows for reduced labor in the manufacturing cycle
  • With LED Lighting, Channel letter depth can be reduced to 2.5″
  • LED Lighting Transformers can be located remotely as far as 75 feet from the sign location
  • LED Lighting colors (yellow, blue, white, red, green, and orange) are as bright as neon lights
  • LED Lighting eliminates neon breakage during manufacturing, shipping and installation
  • LED Lighting requires one trip for service – eliminating return trips required for neon lights repairs.


AKO Signs offers sign maintenance and sign installation services. We have the experience, man power and tools, such as boom trucks and bucket trucks, to install all types of electrical signs. We are currently serving the Southeastern United States, with service vehicles in the following cities: Athens, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, and Augusta, Georgia.


For your convenience, AKO Signs offers full sign permitting services and site surveys for commercial signs.

If you are in need of a service that isn’t listed or you aren’t located in our service area, please contact AKO to see if we can assist you.

For a building mounted sign that will look great and last for years, you’ve got to go with lighted channel letters.